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Shoulder Dystocia

Birth Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

Shoulder dystocia is a condition wherein the baby's shoulder gets caught in the mother's pelvic area during birth. When the shoulder is stuck in this manner, it is the obstetrician's responsibility to take action to maneuver the baby from the birth canal quickly and carefully. A difficult passage through the birth canal may lead to breathing difficulties and an oxygen deficiency if the baby is not helped through as quickly as possible. If a doctor is not careful in handling a case involving shoulder dystocia, however, this may lead to serious brachial plexus injury or Erb's palsy, characterized by the partial or total paralysis of the hand, wrist or arm on the affected side of the body.

It may be difficult to determine when shoulder dystocia may occur, but it is more common in cases involving large infants, diabetic mothers, and unusually small birth passages. It is important for your doctor to be on the lookout for these situations so they can be addressed early on.

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There are proper procedures that a doctor should follow in the presence of shoulder dystocia. When these are not followed to the letter, a baby may suffer from nerve damage that will result in total arm paralysis in severe cases. If you believe that negligence or malpractice of any kind was involved in your pregnancy or the delivery of your child, consulting an attorney is important. A Los Angeles birth injury lawyer experienced in handling shoulder dystocia cases can talk to you about the situation and can conduct a complete investigation into the matter to determine whether you have grounds for a lawsuit against the negligent OB/GYN or hospital.

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