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Attorneys for Hydrocephalus Claims in Los Angeles

Hydrocephalus is a medical condition primarily characterized by excessive fluid in the brain. Hydrocephalus used to be referred to as "water on the brain" which referred to the cerebral spinal fluid that accumulated excessively in the brain in these cases. Birth trauma, bacterial infection and cerebral hemorrhage (excessive bleeding) are all potential causes of hydrocephalus. Depending on the case, these may be related to medical malpractice.

If your child was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, it may be important to determine whether labor or delivery negligence or an obstetrical mistake may have been the cause. A Los Angeles birth injury lawyer at our law firm may be able to meet with you to talk about your child's particular symptoms as well as what influence the attending doctor or nurse may have had in causing this serious condition. By using our legal experience and working with experts in medicine and birth injuries in particular, we can work to build a compelling case that grants you the best opportunity at a positive result and maximum financial compensation to pay for your child's medical care.

Hydrocephalus: Symptoms and Treatment

Hydrocephalus may be characterized by an abnormally large head or rapid increase in head size, as well as a bulging soft spot on the baby's head. Seizures, developmental delays and downward fixed eyes may also be symptoms of hydrocephalus.

At this time, treatment for hydrocephalus is targeted at restoring the balance of cerebral spinal fluid production and absorption. Surgery or shunt placement may be performed to accomplish this. Early detection is of the utmost importance in these cases, and this is one of many reasons to seek medical attention immediately if you notice any unusual symptoms with your child's growth or development.

Contact a Los Angeles hydrocephalus attorney today to discuss your birth injury claim.


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